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Clear Coating in three finishes - Hi-Gloss - Semi-Gloss - Satin
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Clear-Coat is produced in two distinctive formats, a single component and a two-part Nano Technology "0" VOC aliphatic polyurethane enamel that forms a uniquely hard and durable coating film. This self-leveling coating is resistant to water, acids, solvent and impact. Clear-Coat is a one-coating system. Clear-Coat can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry, wood and many other substrates that need UV control, anti-microbial, anti-graffiti, or simply a tough clear coating to enhance and beautify any surface.


As a topcoat: Will protect longer and cost less

Surface must be clean and free of dirt, oil, tar, grease, salts and residue.

Surface must be completely dry before applying.

Clear-Coat must be applied in one or multiple coats to meet any thickness requirement

If applied over an existing coating and this coating is glossed, it must be sanded and roughed before application, high gloss.  Can be applied as a one-coating system for (graffiti protection in clear finish only).


Open pail, mix base with curing agent.

Mix by hand for two minutes.

If below 70F. degrees, allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Begin application;  During summer months, apply the coating in the morning or after 4:00 p.m.

Pot Life:

Four hours at 70F. degrees; one hour at 90F. degrees, once base and curing agent have been mixed.



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Product Application and Handling

Clear-Coat can be applied by brush, roller or spray; 

If application is by brush, use a soft bristle brush.

If application is by roller, use a 1/4 inch nap roller. Use a brush to remove any trapped air bubbles, if any.

If application is by spray, use a standard airless sprayer (2,800 psi or less) with a .024 tip.

NOTE: The number of coats and the thickness of each coat will be in accordance with the job specifications.

Minimum Spread Rates:

Porous surfaces Apply in 2 coats at 200 sq.ft. per gallon, each coat (8 mils wet) - (3.67 mils dry) Non-porous surfaces -- Apply at 250 sq.ft./gallon ( 6.5 mils wet)

Stir product thoroughly before using. Clear-Coat can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment. It should be applied evenly without buildup. Apply in a 2-coat application system. CAUTION: Wear gloves and protective clothing.  Wear eye protection. WATER: Clean-up or reduction, clean equipment before breaks (lunch hour) or at conclusion of job. 

Cure Times:

One hour to touch at 70F degrees.

Over coating window is three hours at 70F. degrees or longer.

Fully cures in ten days.

If temperature is over 90F. degrees, cure time and pot life is shortened to 1 hour.


Apply between 40F. and 120F. degrees. 

Store between 40F. and 120F. degrees according to hazmat standards indicated on MSDS.


During breaks, spray systems should be flushed with water.

After completion, spray systems should be flushed and cleaned with water.

After completion, brushes and rollers should be cleaned with water.