EZ-Hot/Cold CoatingTM   is a unique combination of high performance specially designed high temperature resins in a water borne formula. This coating will dry in 24 hours and can be aided in the dry down by adding high heat to the environment. EZ-Hot/Cold CoatingTM was built to be applied over hot surfaces to achieve immediate adhesion while calming down the hot surface, or over condensing pipes to stop the condensation. Using this coating as the primer and finish coat, we can achieve adhesion over the hot surface and create a surface that can be insulated to stop the loss of heat or heat gain on freezing lines, EZ-Hot/Cold CoatingTM will stop condensation of chilled or freezing lines with just a 1/8" of an inch, this coating is so efficient that can achieve very high insulation at less than half the thickness required by other insulation coatings.

EZ-Hot/Cold CoatingTM  is water borne to offer a non-flammable, no toxicity formula and zero VOCs for high heat or freezing applications . The Nano technology used in this coating offers a "micro-packing" set that is required for quick adhesion while at the same time offering a formulation to immediately calm the heat conduction from the surface of the pipe to give better adhesion to any surfaces.



Surfaces must be clean and dry before application. Loose or flaking old paints or corrosion must be removed from surface before applying. Surface must be clean of all residues and debris. Surfaces can be cleaned by power washing the surfaces or sandblasted as a “brush blast or sweep-blast”.  This coating can best be applied by using a 5 horsepower 2 ½ gallon per minute airless sprayer at 3000 psi (.65tip) or hopper gun. Apply a tin coat as the primer over the hot surface, first to lock down and reduce the surface heat. Wait 15 minutes and apply to the thickness needed for heat reduction desired. If outside, overcoat with our top coat for weather and UV protection.

Allow to dry one hour before re-coating. This is a water-based coating. Never apply if raining or chance of rain the day of application.  EZ-Hot/Cold CoatingTM Is a thick coating that is applied in various simple methods. It does not swell and become fragile heating process.  fights the appearance of condensation on its surface by the reaction of the ceramics. It is a natural corrosion-, fungus/mildew- resistant coating when not in operation against a fire.

Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. If solution does come in contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and contact a physician for medical attention. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or breathing of spray mist. For quickest removal from skin, wash with water before drying.  ALL filters must be removed to prevent sifting of ceramic particles.

The significant Difference

75.2@ solids volume.

60.3% solid by weight

3  pounds per gallon 

Dry-time: 15 minutes over hot surface, build up as needed  24 hours to fully dry.

Spread:20 sq.ft. per gallon, giving 60 mil thickness




U.S.D.A. approved


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