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Solids: By weight 60.6% / By volume 68%.

Film Thickness: On all substrates MULTICERAMICS should be applied at 10 mils wet / 7 mils dry. Under no circumstances should MULTICERAMICS be applied at less than 7 mils dry.

Dry Time: One hour to touch at 70F. degrees and bright sun / Overcoat window is two hours or longer at 70F. degrees / Fully cures in two days.

Lead and chromate free.

Cures by evaporation with no co-solvents present.

Weight: 6 lbs. per gallon.

Shelf Life: up to 2 years (unopened) under appropriate storage conditions (see MSDS).

VOC Level: 0 grams/liter.

pH: 8.5 - 9.0. * Viscosity: 100-105 KU.




RUSTVACCINE penetrates and locks in to encapsulate rust, land paint paint, and other hazardous materials found in and around building structures. The danger associated with inhaling or ingesting these particles can be totally eliminated. RUSTVACCINE also has the ability to encapsulate substrates prone to mold and mildew without adding VOCs or dangerous chemicals to the environment in the process, this reduces cost in preparation and disposals,  maintaining safety and contamination concerns in full control.



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High Tech Ceramics Insulation
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 MULTICERAMICS is a unique one-part coating composed of blend of nano acrylics, and resin additives formula. MULTICERAMICS utilizes different types and sizes of ceramics that block 95% of the sun's radiant heat visual light, ultra violet rays and infrared rays. MULTICERAMICS is a permanently flexible "breathing" membrane that stops water penetration, and prevents corrosion and surface deterioration with two additional advantages over other ceramic coatings. 

MULTICERAMICS  No Fade and Cool Touch technologies.


As a one-coat insulation system on exterior and interior substrates (roofs, walls, and floors) 

As an insulator for transportation vehicles, refrigerated containers, and railroad cars

As insulation and to stop condensation on HVAC systems, tanks, and storage systems

As a one-coat "flexible and breathable" protective system over metal, concrete, masonry, and wood to stop water penetration and corrosion, resist dirt, mold, mildew, and pollution, increase longevity, and reduce surface maintenance

As a topcoat over RUSTVACCINE on metal roofs, or as an intermediate coat on flat roofs




Product Application and Handling MULTICERAMICSTM


can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry, and wood. The application can be by spray, brush,  or roller. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing, and application, please refer to the application instructions for MULTICERAMICS



 Do not use this product without first taking all appropriate safety measures to prevent property damage and injuries. These measures may include, without limitation: proper ventilation, use of proper lamps, wearing of protective clothing and masks, tenting, and proper separation of application areas.


Metal structures should be primed with RUSTVACCINE before applying MULTICERAMICS can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment. It should be applied evenly without buildup. Apply in a 2-coat application system of 8 mils each. CAUTION: As with any spray-able you should wear gloves and protective clothing.



For more specific safety procedures, please refer to

the MULTICERAMICS Material Safety Data Sheet.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The information contained in this data sheet is based upon tests that we believe to be accurate and is intended for guidance only. All recommendations or  suggestions relating to the use of the products made by WALLPANEL, whether in technical documentation, or in response to a specific enquiry, or otherwise, are based on data which to the best of our knowledge is reliable. The products and information are designed for users having the requisite knowledge and industrial skills, and the end-user has the responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for its intended use.

WALLPANEL has no control over either the quality of condition of the substrate, or the many factors affecting the use and application of the product.

Therefore, WALLPANEL does not accept any liability arising from loss, injury, or damage resulting from such use or the contents of this data sheet (unless there are written agreements stating otherwise).

The information contained in this data sheet is subject to modification as a result of practical experience and continuous product development. This data sheet replaces and annuls all previous issues and the user has the responsibility to ensure that this sheet is current prior to using the product.